A slap to the face I guess that’s the caseCutful words spokenA bond of friendship broken You cut me real deep When you left me aloneNo thoughts of me you’ll keepYour heart is made of stone You go your way And I’ll go mineI wish you would stayI will not make the same mistake next time I cry […]

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My step dad

He may not be my biological father, but he sure does act like it. He is my stepfather, but we do things together that I could never do with my real father.He taught me how to speak my mind, and even taught me how to accept responsibility when I’m wrong.He taught me how to strive […]

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Its true no one else needs to know your journey or understand it only YOU. I’ve learned that wven you try to explain why you may act or think the way I do cause of my journey some will just never understand as theyve never been tjeoigh it or just never had to get ir […]

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I’ve been bullied since I was age 12 due to being different. It all started with when some kids called me mean names and made fun of me for being mixed race cause if my hair and colour. When I got to age 14/15 the bullying got even worse as I got bullied for being […]

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Mental hospital

There’s a place in the hospital where they help the severely mentally ill,A place where people walk around in a daze and every day they try and get you to take a pill.Where people don’t want your money; they only want your prayers.None of them deserved this; this is leaps and bounds past unfair. There […]

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